Warhammer: Snotling Fling
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Warhammer: Snotling Fling
Warhammer: Snotling Fling
Warhammer: Snotling Fling
Warhammer: Snotling Fling
Warhammer: Snotling Fling
Warhammer: Snotling Fling

Review Warhammer: Snotling Fling

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, the game is addictive, responsive controls
Too easy, monotonous game play, animation is a bit laggy
Warhammer: Snotling Fling for Android is a simple but engaging game of smash the castles, with the comical twist of using snot nosed gargoyles as the projectiles flung from a trebuchet. This one is a little weird, but oddly addictive for anyone who likes to bash stuff.
Warhammer: Snotling Fling displays in portrait and takes place in medieval times on hilly landscapes populated with castles and dwellings. Apparently the monarchy hasn't been all too kind to the gargoyle class, who has decided enough is enough, armed themselves with a trebuchet and are bent on doing some damage. However, gargoyles aren't known for their intellect, so they decide it would be a good idea to use themselves as the ammunition, and fling themselves at the various structures using a trebuchet. It's not ours to ask why; only to play and enjoy at face value. This one borrows from Angry Birds style mechanics to deliver a strangely addictive game unto its own.
The controls use touch and slide commands that are effective; take aim, adjust your trajectory, then release, and watch the snot fling. The graphics feel a tad blocky and crude, but look good for the most part; going for 3D perspectives that added to the fun. The animation is a little rudimentary and choppy but entertaining as well. The sounds added some comical punctuation to the play.
Warhammer: Snotling Fling doesn't give a great first impression, but if you give it a chance, the play is actually pretty fun. This one is worth checking out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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