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Dubstep Electro Drum

Dubstep Electro DrumDubstep Electro DrumDubstep Electro DrumDubstep Electro DrumDubstep Electro Drum


Jay Feldman
Posted: Jay FeldmanTested 05 May 2017 on Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6

Play virtual percussion pads to mix beats on the fly
Interesting functionality, simple interface
Crude design, limited features, weak functionality

Dubstep Electro Drum for Android is a simple game of tapping your screen to create dubstep style beats that just might make your head bop and your toe tap. If you like creating beats on the fly, this one can help you do it.
Dubstep Electro Drum displays in landscape to portray an electronic dubstep percussion interface, populated with various colored squares. Basically, the first interface you're presented with is an 8x4 grid comprised of 4 different colors. Each color occupies two columns, giving you a set of 4 differently colored percussion pads to play. Just tap and poke each one to trigger different hits, snares and synth beats. Some of the sounds will play on a loop, while others need to be tapped repeatedly to create your personal mix of beautiful music. The sounds are decent, with a nice mix and tonal range.
Along the top of your screen you'll see a short menu with icons for, easy, hard, new, drums and 3D. The drum kit and 3D instruments must be unlocked via play; just tap your screen and make your beats, and you'll earn points to unlock these advanced kits. There's also a record button at the top of your screen which allows you to record, playback and save your mixes. The controls are just basic screen taps, so go to town and pound that screen like there's no tomorrow.
Dubstep Electro Drum doesn't do much, but if creating dubsteps on the fly is your bag, then you'll probably love it.
Final ratings
Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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