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Review Shapical

Tariq Abdulla
Lots of settings, interesting functionality, neat design
Full version is paid
Shapical for Android is a photo editor that lets you put all kinds of geometric shapes on your photos, and have those shapes well defined, with the background blurred out. You can also import images and center and crop them. It's important to get the subject of the photo in the center as you can't move the geometric shapes around; you can only make them bigger or smaller. It’s always the middle of your photo that’s going to be crystal clear.
You can change things like the amount of blur, the size of the shape, and the width of the lines with handy sliders. You can pick from lots of nice colors for the lines of the shape, though the default choice white often works best. There are all kinds of shapes like triangles made up of smaller triangles, star shapes, curvy shapes; as well as the obvious choices like hearts and diamonds.
Shapical is probably best used to create artistic images from photos of landscapes and sunsets, to get a quasi stained-glass look. It also works with photos of people, but you need to choose shapes without too many inner lines; or you will obscure people's faces. Done properly, you can draw attention to the person or people, and get a cool blurred effect; with things like their arms or legs going across the border from blurred to clear.
Shapical does just one thing, but does it well, and the end results will look good with a little practice. If you want to get exactly this sort of effect, this is probably the fastest way to do it; without needing to muck around in any desktop software. If anything, there are too many shapes to choose from, and it can be a bit perplexing selecting one. On the other hand, I think they could easily make this ap more flexible by letting you add multiple shapes and move them around.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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