Chimpact 2 Family Tree
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Chimpact 2 Family Tree
Chimpact 2 Family Tree
Chimpact 2 Family Tree
Chimpact 2 Family Tree
Chimpact 2 Family Tree
Chimpact 2 Family Tree

Review Chimpact 2 Family Tree

Jay Feldman
Quality game design, dynamic game play, responsive controls
Sounds grate on the nerves, too easy, monotonous game play
Chimpact 2 Family Tree for Android aims for retro platformer territory, and hits the mark dead on. Swing your chimp from tree to tree collecting all the bananas, and participate in a variety of mini games just to keep things interesting. This one is energetic and fun.
Chimpact 2 Family Tree is a side scrolling type adventure that actually moves in all directions as you navigate your cute little chimpanzee through treetops laden with perils. Your mission, naturally, is to collect all the yummy bananas, avoid the mean snakes and bound from one mushroom to the next just to keep things interesting. The play is lively and action packed, but also requires some aim and shoot skills as you fling your chimp with precision, bounding from one bouncy leaf to the next as you traverse the canopies. Truth be told, the play gets a little monotonous over time, however, there's a collection of 10 different mini-games to reinvigorate your penchant for bananas. This one has a lot to see and do and will keep you occupied well past your daily allotment of potassium.
The controls use touches and slides to aim your chimp, adjust your trajectory, then release to watch him soar. The graphics are excellent, featuring depth of field perspectives and varying focal lengths. The background actually responds to your gizmo's accelerometer, while the foreground displays a lively and responsive palate. The animation is excellent, with lots of nice visual triggers that render well. The sounds do grate on the nerves before long, but are upbeat and suit the play.
Chimpact 2 Family Tree is good clean fun. Yes, all the chimp screeches and snake gnashes get old fast, but the play is dynamic and addictive.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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