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Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade
Clones Crusade

Review Clones Crusade

Tariq Abdulla
Quality animation, neat graphics, interesting levels, quality game play, simple controls
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Clones Crusade for Android is a turn based game where you lead a handful of soldiers against a handful of computer controlled characters. Different characters have different weapons, and a have a number of action points in each turn that they can use for moving around and attacking the enemy. There's this vague story about the dangers of cloning in the not too distant future; and you may need to also collect things like scientific samples in a level. But I didn't feel like the story fit the game all that well.
Gameplay is really fun and highly strategic. You have to think about how to move each character to give them the upper hand. Grenades seem to do a lot of damage, considering they only take 2 action points.
There's no actual aiming or anything in the game, it's all about getting your character within shooting distance of an enemy, and deciding whether to take cover or not. The game helpfully illustrates spots where you can move to to attack from, and tells you any reason why you can't take a shot (not enough action points, obstacles in the way, etc.) if you've ever played board games like Warhammer 40,000, it plays a little like that; but it's more fun because there's no ambiguity or arguing about the rules; and you don't have to spend forever painting all your characters.
You can also play in arena mode against random online players. Of course, you are bound to be up against the kind of players who live and breathe the game, and you'll get totally pwned, but that's just how it goes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
Brandon Girod
Character and level design are unique and charismatic, gameplay mechanics are solid
There is no cover system, the various movement, attack, and blocked tiles can be confusing
I’m always really happy when a game exceeds my expectations, even if they weren’t very high to begin with. Clones Crusade for Android is a turn-based RPG game that plays out a lot like games like XCOM. You’ll start with a squad of guys and eliminate enemies turn by turn.
I believe the word “clone” just has a negative connotation to it at this point. Cloning was controversial a while back. The Star Wars movies based on the Clone Wars were bad. And there are a million clones of popular games that flood the mobile market already.
This game, though it does borrow gameplay mechanics from other popular games, feels well polished and really has an identity of its own. Booting up the game you can actually jump right into the fight and skip over the tutorial which is amazing.
You’ll start your first mission with a team of three and combat plays out much like you’d expect. Each character has a turn and a certain amount of action points. Movement and actions (obviously) require a certain amount of AP. Unfortunately, there is no cover system and I paid for this mistake in early missions. The terrain can put you in a position to block shots, but you don’t necessarily want to be the one hiding behind something.
As you play through the campaign you’ll recruit new members to your squad, level them up, and upgrade weapon-tiers. I actually kind of enjoy the fact that the game doesn’t have an item system because constantly swapping out equipment and balancing stats can be really time consuming and doesn’t really fit with the mobile platform.
Clones Crusade has a lot of character from the character designs themselves all the way to the colorful environments. The combat system is watered down a bit from what you’d expect from an XCOM game but it’s very befitting for the platform overall.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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