Teleportation Race
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Teleportation Race
Teleportation Race
Teleportation Race
Teleportation Race
Teleportation Race
Teleportation Race

Review Teleportation Race

Ollie Green
Neat graphics, interesting game play, really addictive, sophisticated physics
In-app purchases
Teleportation Race for Android is an arcade game that features a bunch of cool game mechanics that puts the buzz back into top down racing. In this game, you will be racing against other players or against AI, and you will be able to zap your opponents to teleport into their position on the track.
This game features a top down view on everything. You'll be seeing your vehicle and the environment from a bird's eye view, and the camera will follow your car as you drive. Despite being a top down game, the 3D graphics for the vehicles and level are pretty impressive. For the most part, the game feels like a pretty standard arcade racer. There are a variety of different track designs and layouts, and there are plenty of different types of vehicles. You can also drive through pick-ups on the map to gain boosts and other power ups.
The really unique feature about this game is the teleportation function. Every car in this game has the ability to switch places with another car. To do this, players must press the teleport button on the screen whilst lined up with the car they want to teleport to. By holding down the teleport button, the car in front will start to be drained of health. The health bar will drain over time, and once it is empty you will switch places with it.
Using the teleport function isn't that easy - you have a cooldown on the ability, and if you don't line up your teleport correctly, you'll have to wait till it recharges again. Other players who are being zapped by your teleport gun can also swerve out of the way to avoid being teleported. This feature alone creates a very interesting experience whilst playing, and there is a constant struggle for first place.
Teleportation Race is free to play, but you may find it difficult to unlock better vehicles without spending money via in-app purchases.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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