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Death Pipe
Death Pipe
Death Pipe
Death Pipe
Death Pipe
Death Pipe
Death Pipe
Death Pipe

Review Death Pipe

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, interesting perspective, fun gameplay
Can make you a bit motion sick, no change of scenery
I’m not one to get motion sick but Death Pipe for Android certainly managed to shuffle my mind a bit. It’s a first person endless runner that throws you for a loop. As the title leads you to believe, here you have a pipe full of death and you get to experience every twist and turn firsthand.
Every time you start a new game you’re seamlessly dropped straight in and the objects don’t start to generate until you’ve been going for a few seconds. Just so you don’t get killed right off the bat. The camera follows along the path of the pipe and the experience it creates can be a bit unsettling if you don’t have a real strong stomach. I also imagine other people might find a bit of discomfort with it who suffer from other issues as well.
You spin around the pipe with tilt controls and there are procedurally generated objects that try to block your path. It’s the same concept you’ve seen before in countless other endless runners, but the perspective truly makes it a unique experience.
There are a few issues that pop up from the first-person perspective, however. If you’re coming in from the outside of a curve then you won’t be able to see what’s coming in front of you and often times you’ll have no chance to respond before your face hits the wall. Also, you can clip between two objects at just the right angle which means the hit boxes are really weird and somewhat unpredictable.
Regardless, Death Pipe is definitely a game to experience. It’s not something I could play for extended periods of time, but strapping a VR headset on and playing this game would be a blast.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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