Frisbee(R) Forever 2
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Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2
Frisbee(R) Forever 2

Review Frisbee(R) Forever 2

Brandon Girod
Level environments are beautifully drawn, the game is the perfect balance in difficulty
Controls feel heavier than they should, there is no unlock or progression system to work towards
Flinging Frisbees around has been a favorite past time among kids and college students for years. I never quite figured out what the magic was to it, but I guess that’s not too important. What is important is that Frisbee ® Forever 2 for Android is a Frisbee game that’s actually pretty fun to play.
This games is really nothing like playing ultimate Frisbee with your friends or passing it back and forth with your mom or dad like you might remember. Instead, they’ve tailored a game that’s fun to play without physically playing it. To start things off you have to flick the Frisbee. Once it’s in the air you get to control it with either tilt or touchscreen controls. The idea is to collect all of the stars on each level while guiding it through every loop in each level.
Your score is determined by whether or not you’re able to collect all the stars and guide your Frisbee where it needs to go. As you progress through the stages you’ll be faced with weird things like giant fans that float in the sky and try to blow your disc out of the sky. There are also a lot of loops and twirly things that try to disorient you when you get shot out. These things don’t really add a lot of difficulty independently, but the controls definitely help out a bit.
I’m not a fan of tilt controls because they’re so difficult to handle. Doesn’t matter if it’s playing a game on the Wii U or my phone, it’s just universally bad. So, I opted to use the touchscreen controls and they felt pretty heavy overall. If felt like you need to tap every time you wanted to turn instead of being able to simply hold down one direction. It wasn’t unbearable, but not the most pleasant experience.
Like I said before, I’ve never been a huge Frisbee fan, but Frisbee ® Forever 2 is actually a pretty enjoyable mobile game. There is nothing overly frustrating about the game’s design, and even the controls are only a minor hindrance. It’s definitely a great game to leisurely spend some time with.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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