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To Do List
To Do List
To Do List
To Do List
To Do List
To Do List
To Do List
To Do List

Review To Do List

Brandon Girod
Easy to use, fully functional, nice, minimal design
Defaults to using voice for alarms, looks a bit like too many other similar apps
The to do list app space has become a bit over saturated over the past seven or eight years now, and it’s really difficult for new developers to get into the game with new apps. To Do List (SplenDO) for Android is a new entry that tries to leave its footprint on the vast beach that is the Play Store. Unfortunately for them, it’s one easily washed away.
So what kind of powerful note taking features does this app have? Well, you can make them, set an alarm for them, and even use speech-to-text to dictate a new task. It includes tags and different categories that you can customize, but that’s honestly about it.
When you go in to create a new task you can set a time frame and an alarm for when it needs to be completed in. You have no way of taking a picture of anything you might want to take a picture of later, leaving yourself a quick voice note, or anything like that. Lack of these features really puts it behind some of the bigger powerhouses that already exist.
What it does have going for it is a set up that’s really easy and a really simple design. You can customize where the summary comes from when you first pop up along with a handful of other features.
Honestly, it’s really hard to recommend an app like To Do List (SplenDO) because it’s not nearly as feature rich as some of its competitors and while it does do a handful of things pretty well… so does everyone else.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 6/10
Design 8/10
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