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Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero
Tank Hero

Review Tank Hero

Jay Feldman
Fun for a little while, decent animation, simple controls
Needs to be elaborated, very common, boring game play, low quality graphics
Tank Hero for Android is a bit of a retro arcade throwback. Drive tanks, fire missiles and make enemy tanks go boom before they make you go boom.
Tank Hero is very basic with a solid, old-school gaming feel. The action takes place in a maze, and you’re in control of your own, 16bit looking tank. Traverse the maze to avoid enemy fire and get them before they got you. The play is interesting, in the sense that strategy and cunning are involved. You have to put some thought into your attacks and make sure you duck for cover, because the enemy tanks don’t waste any time once you’re spotted. I love how missiles can ricochet off walls, sorta like billiard balls, so you can actually do some cool rebound shots when trying to make enemies go boom.
The graphics are just ok, but a bit crude and under developed. And the animation is laggy for what little is going on. However the explosions are satisfying and I love that you can fire more than one missile at once. The controls are actually quite good. The virtual joystick has good response and accuracy, as does the aiming and firing. The sounds are adequate.
Tank Hero is decent fun, for an old-school type arcade game. And things do get interesting as the levels progress and more enemies are involved. However, it’s all a little dry and lacks sophistication, even for a retro game. This one needs to be elaborated.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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