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Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop
Panda Pop

Review Panda Pop

Brandon Girod
Features timeless gameplay mechanics, takes an old genre and innovates, family friendly
The panda theme won't appeal to everyone, the bubbles don't always seem to shoot where it tells you it will shoot
Mobile games should be fun and easy to jump in and out of without much effort. People talk about how they might one day take over console or PC gaming, but the fact remains that most games on your phone take advantage of the form factor and there really are no huge contenders out there that aims for the hardcore crowd, and with good reason. Panda Pop is a game that totally understands and embraces that concept.
This is a game that grabs heavy inspiration for a bubble shooter game that I used play as a kid back in middle school. This one happens to be panda-themed and aimed towards children, but the concept is still this same, this game just kicks it up a notch.
The game’s objective is to clear the colored bubbles, and you do so by shooting the bubble you have towards a group of 2 or more. You obviously want to do this in as little shots as possible so you can increase your score. This means that you have make each shot counts.
It also includes this weird lantern mechanic to make things a bit more interesting and includes scrolling levels. The lantern comes in different colors and matching bubbles the same color as the lantern fills it up. When it’s filled you launch this fiery ball that does an aoe attack on a pretty large area rather than simply aiming for one bubble. There are also “bombs” scattered about that have a similar effect.
The scrolling level idea is really neat because when you think you’re finished, the level scrolls up to reveal more of the stage. This is a great way to up the difficulty without making it unfair or forcing the players to jump through hoops.
Maybe I’m a bit biased, but Panda Pop does everything right. It’s obviously a game aimed towards kids, but it’s a good one at that. The game controls wonderfully and the concept is as sound now as it was way back in middle school.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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I cant load panda pop
Its a nice game!!
Sorry I didn't see that panda pop was not spelled correct I'm having trouble with this

keyboard, panda pop is the game I'm needing help with.
I have panes pop on Google play however I can't see how to save it, rude rabbit seems tobe saved I would like to save panes pop,and other games I have in Google play please advise.
Since the upgrade by SGN on Feb 19, I have been unable to play Panda Pop on my nook...It will download but get error "Unfortunately Panda Pop has stopped"   Can you help me?
Brandon Girod
Try resetting your Google App Store's cache. Then try again. 
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