Stars vs. Paparazzi
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Stars vs. Paparazzi
Stars vs. Paparazzi
Stars vs. Paparazzi
Stars vs. Paparazzi
Stars vs. Paparazzi
Stars vs. Paparazzi
Stars vs. Paparazzi

Review Stars vs. Paparazzi

Sergei Petrov
Stars vs. Paparazzi - this is very unusual and absorbing arcade game in which we have to protect the star of show business from the numerous and intrusive paparazzi and strive to get our most unsuccessful shots. Protect the star's bodyguards and will, of course, the most dedicated fans, belonging to different strata of society.
Game Developed by AMALtd, which we already know from the masterpiece Babel Rising 3D , downloadable in the millions on the platforms Android and iOS. Uniqueness and creativity of developers do not hold, so the game Stars vs. Paparazzi waiting for us again geimpley custom, which resembles several genres - Tower Defense, Arcade, tactics.


Most game Stars vs. Paparazzi reminds one of the most popular TD-strategies about the war between plants and zombies, talking about Plants vs. Zombies, of course. Even the name can be seen at once it becomes clear what inspired studio.
The similarity lies in the fact that we also have a small playing field, divided into strips, where we can arrange our fans. On the other hand on the fence we will direct the flow of a wide variety of enemies who share a common profession of the paparazzi.
The key difference Stars vs. Paparazzi from the above game is that in order to make the fan's attack, you need to click on it at the moment when it will come close to the paparazzi. If not, then the fan will automatically fight the enemy, but in this case he will quickly run out of life.
Every fan has their particular skills, and can arm an additional weapon that will fundamentally change its behavior during the game. For example, one of the defenders to arm whip, so it can automatically attack from a distance without your participation.

Features Stars vs. Paparazzi for Android:

  • 7 different celebrities to choose from;
  • More than 60 levels;
  • 12 species and 12 types of defense weapons;
  • More than 10 varieties of enemies;
  • Bright graphics and addictive geimpley.
In terms of dynamics, geimpley more like an arcade game, as a matter of winning are determined not so much tactics as the ability to quickly and time to click on the screen to attack.
Summary. Stars vs. Paparazzi - this is a very interesting and exciting tactical arcade game for Android, which combines good graphics, easy control and nice geimpley. Given that the game is distributed completely free, you can easily put a solid four!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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