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Royal Protectors
Royal Protectors
Royal Protectors
Royal Protectors
Royal Protectors
Royal Protectors
Royal Protectors

Review Royal Protectors

Brandon Girod
Has some decent ideas, it runs well
Has a large black bar that obscures vision, but has no use (not even for ads), level design doesn't exist and you don't start with enough money to sufficiently win, balances gameplay around making in-app purchases
It’s not often that I get a game that I just can’t bear to complete a review for, but Royal Protectors for Android was one such game. It’s a tower defense game that takes a few cues from tower defense games before it by building very loose levels and having the player build around it anyway they want.
The idea sounds really great, but unfortunately, whether it’s because they’re trying to milk money out of players or what, the game gives you almost no resources and no chance to succeed. Starting off gives you enough money for about three towers, and one minion kill gives you one gold. The cost of towers increases after every tower you build, so you need to kill about 63 minions to build a 4th tower and you typically get about 20 minions or so per wave. You can do the math.
I was stuck on stage 2 for the longest time simply because there was no way to beat it without spending money in-game to upgrade my tower’s base stats enough to deal with the stronger minions because the game is terribly balanced. Towers are really strong, but you can’t build enough of them to make any sort of maze for minions to run through, so instead they just beeline straight for your archmage.
Like most tower defense games, you can upgrade towers with currency you win when you complete levels. There are also spells you can research and use on the battlefield as well, though you have to work for all of these things.
Honestly, Royal Protectors is just a bad game all around. The towers and enemies are terribly imbalanced and there is no level design, so minions go straight for your archmage. There is also this huge black bar on the top of the screen that does nothing and obscures your vision. There’s no ad there and clicking on it does nothing. It’s just there. Trust me when I say there are better tower defense games out there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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