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Review RaidHunter

Ollie Green
Interesting levels, interesting plot, addictive game play, simple controls
Difficult to play without in-app purchases
RaidHunter for Android is a unique RPG game that features plenty of character customization elements, and a real sense of progression as you play through the story. Whilst the gameplay isn't incredibly engaging, the story will run you through a wide range of emotions as each character grows on you.
When it comes to actual gameplay, this game is really all about looting and crafting the best possible weapons to equip your character with to improve your chances of winning fights later in on the game. The fighting in this game is overly simplified, and involves tapping one button to initiate combat. As there is no player skill involved here, players will instead have to grind it out by completing missions and acquiring weapons.
Weapon drops are random, so acquiring the best items usually comes down to luck, which can unfortunately be tilted a little by putting real cash onto the game. If you play the game without spending cash, you'll find that it's a lot harder to acquire the gear you need for the more difficult fights.
As for questing, all it takes once again is tapping a button to initiate the quest progression, and doing this will slowly progress your character through the quest you have chosen to begin. Throughout the quest you will have chances to come across fights, and each of these will drop loot if you complete it. The quest also relies on an energy system that can be renewed with in-app purchases. The energy will also renew slowly over time for free.
If you look past the heavy monetization methods of RaidHunter, you will find a game that is rich with story and humor, and this is where the real fun of the game can be found. The actual gameplay itself is a little lacking, but RPG fans who love the element of luck-based looting may enjoy playing through it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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