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Review Chrooma

Brandon Girod
The game has a wonderful aesthetic, the color scheme is simple and pleasant to look at, it doesn't require much investment to enjoy
The difficulty doesn't scale linearly, you can fail by simply using too many moves
Personally, puzzle games come in two variants. There are the ones that I can generally breeze through and really enjoy my time with. And then there are the ones that get me really riled up and make me want to throw my phone or keyboard out of my window. Chrooma for Android has somehow managed to find itself snuggled tight right in between the two.
It’s a pretty unique puzzle game that features strategically placed spheres on levels that are designed to frustrate the crap out of you. The idea is that you’ll have sets of colored spheres and you need to combine them together in order to make them disappear. It’s difficult because you have a very specific amount of moves you need to do this in to proceed and an even smaller amount to score well.
Starting out is deviously simple compared to what you’ll be doing a few levels in. There were some times I just settled on swiping around until something clicked and I got it. Other times I could immediately look at the puzzle and see exactly what I needed to do. I guess this is what makes it a great puzzle game, in essence.
The downside is that the progression isn’t exactly linear. I’d play a few easy levels then move onto one that was really difficult only to find myself greeted with 3 much easier levels consecutively. I like a break, but you never knew what exactly you were in for.
Chrooma is a beautifully designed puzzle game that will undoubtedly frustrate you to no end, but also make you feel really good about yourself somehow. The difficulty doesn’t scale linearly, and while I’m not a fan of this, you might be.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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