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Decision 2
Decision 2
Decision 2
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Decision 2

Review Decision 2

Brandon Girod
The territory mechanics add a lot of reason to continuously play, the controls are really responsive, weapons are fun and powerful
The aiming mechanics are difficult to control, text is clipped throughout the game, very grind intensive
Zombie games have definitely run their course over the past 8 or so years, yet they still keep coming out. Decision 2 for Android borrows some compelling gameplay mechanics from past loved zombie games and integrates them into their own formula. What we end up with is a mixture of territory control and an action shooter.
There is fortunately no mandatory tutorial to be found here. The player can get guidance and some serious cash rewards for completing quests that act like tutorials, but they aren’t required nor do they require you to spend any real amount of time to complete them.
The game is broken into two parts that are tied together pretty well. The first is the territory aspect. When you first get into the game you scout out the path to a tower and then take the tower. Once you have the tower you can then bring down that territories danger level by simply mowing everything down with the tower. As you level up your character you can make your tower stronger and set up additional defenses.
Scouting out and clearing out places manually is where the meat of the game is. Controlling your character on foot is easy but the shooting is kind of difficult. You aim with a separate joystick and each gun react different. If I hold one direction for about a second with my pistol then it’ll fire. If I do the same with my shotgun then it takes several seconds to fire off the first shot. I can understand the concept the developers are going for, but the execution is pretty poor.
That leads me to unlock additional weapons. The first shotgun you unlock is about 500 gold, but the next is 10000 gold, which is a pretty significant increase for one gun out of four categories. The entire game is pretty grind intensive and will undoubtedly turn off a lot of players.
Decision 2 is a fun and well polished game. There is a lot of detail in each level, and while the level design is pretty shallow, there is a good amount of enemies to keep things interesting. Unfortunately, the shooting mechanics are unreliable and I’m not a fan of the unlock pace for the rest of the content.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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