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SBK14 Official Mobile Game
SBK14 Official Mobile Game
SBK14 Official Mobile Game
SBK14 Official Mobile Game
SBK14 Official Mobile Game
SBK14 Official Mobile Game

Review SBK14 Official Mobile Game

Brandon Girod
Good looking graphics, tracks are unique and great to ride on
Controls are unreliable and unresponsive, drivers don't differentiate enough aside from name, the menu is unintuitive
For whatever reason, motorcycle racing games seem to be pretty far and few between to come by. Ever since Road Rash came out on the PSX and N64, the market has been pretty dry and that could be because there is no market there to begin with because most of the ones that do come out are just bad. Take a look at Road Redemption for a nice example. SBK14 Official Mobile Game for Android is a superbike racing game that will challenge you to compete in several types of races against the AI and players from around the world.
Jumping into the game you can immediately tell there was a lot of money put into the game’s polish and overall presentation. The opening sequences and title screen just look impressive. The in-game graphics look almost as good, but compared to other racing games I felt like I should have expected something more.
I also found the menu screen to be counter-intuitive. When I first started up I was able to check out options and change up my control scheme. After racing a few races I wanted to try another type of control scheme and I simply wasn’t able to find the option again.
Speaking of controls, the on-screen buttons are really flaky. The steering allows you to tap pretty much anywhere on the screen to control your bike even though there is a visual joystick you can see. However, if you run off the road the steering completely stops responding unless your thumb is on the joystick. I also noticed that pressing the acceleration button slightly off from the icon moved me forward but only slightly. In order to fully accelerate I needed to push my thumb smack dab in the middle. There was even one race where pressing the acceleration button did absolutely nothing for several seconds.
The game features a lot of tracks and racers, but you’ll have to unlock the full game to play more than the handful of tracks they give you. And there was no way to tell which driver had what kind of stats. Unless you follow the sport, you’ll have no idea.
Ultimately SBK14 Official Mobile Game feels like nothing but eye candy, and even disappoints there too. The controls are unreliable and sometimes even completely unresponsive. Tracks were great, but I felt like the physics were off. I might take the same turn the same way twice but my bike would react differently. I felt like the game was more of a headache than anything else.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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