Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
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Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker
Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker

Review Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker

Tariq Abdulla
Modern graphics, unusual game play, simple controls
Full version is paid
Pixelated enemies come one after the other, get fiercer and weirder. Keep tapping them to attack them, and tapping yourself to heal. Pass fluidly through levels and change the scene behind you, upgrade some quick stats so your taps do more damage and heal, then keep right on tapping; seemingly forever. If you like the idea of RPG quests, but have the attention span of a dog in a pie factory, this might be the game for you.
There are lots of empty slots, which can surely be filled with all sorts of special abilities in time; as well as lots of different heroes to upgrade through. It’s worryingly addictive; I could easily lose myself in this game and wind up spending an hour each day tapping away, just to see what comes next.
Tap Heroes demands constant interaction. It will do the job if you just want to distract or lose yourself for a bit. You can just keep tapping until your fingers are sore; but keep an eye on the time in the real world. I think it’s interesting how they’ve managed to squeeze so much RPG content into just endless rapidfire tapping, but it makes the game feel a bit throwaway, and actually undermines the content a bit. It’s easy to get tired of all the tapping after a while.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
A fast-paced RPG that features a unique tapping mechanic, the game doesn't shove ads down your throat or constantly ask you to buy it, the overall game design was made to value fun rather than profit
An item system would help bring the game to life a bit more, the stat tooltips disappear too fast to read
Some games are more like a test of endurance than anything else. Not necessarily because playing through it feels like a grind, but because it seems never ending. Think of playing a 3 hour long game of Monopoly with hotels on every space, but no one seems to be getting knocked out. Tap Heroes for Android feels a lot like that.
There is no real tutorial to waste time with. Instead, the game points out a few of the controls like tapping on the right side, where the enemy is located, in order to attack it. Tapping on the left side heals yourself. You can heal and attack just about as fast as you can attack.
The entire game is one long fight with monsters basically lining up behind each other in order to get a crack at taking you down. As you defeat monsters you can “clear” the stage and also gain coins that are used to upgrade various stats on your heroes.
As you play you’ll slowly earn another type of currency that will allow you to buy other heroes that act as support heroes. The mage, for instance, hangs out behind you and helps you heal faster.
I really enjoyed a lot of the game’s mechanics. Tapping to interact was pretty fun because it let me basically play at the pace I wanted to, within reason. It also meant that I was always doing something, even when upgrading, because you can’t pause to make any decisions about what to upgrade next.
I think the game could definitely use some sort of item system to also help boost your character’s stats. The game doesn't necessarily need this because you’re constantly leveling up, but it would make things a bit more interesting.
Overall Tap Heroes was a really pleasant RPG experience that I really wasn’t expecting. While there is certainly a cash shop in the game, I never needed to use it the entire time I played the game. In fact, the only realistic reason I could see anyone using it was for simply unlocking all of the characters as soon as possible. I definitely recommend checking this game out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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