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Review Freeze!

Sergei Petrov
Freeze! - This is an extremely unusual and interesting logic game, based on physical laws. Our task will be to conduct an unusual round body-eye from one point to another. We will be doing a very unusual way: the changing environment around them.
Development of the game deals with young studio Frozen Gun Games, and this is one of the rare occasions when the first game was not that that is not a success, but quite drawn to a masterpiece! It is almost perfect everything from graphics and finishing physics, where the game is distributed free of charge, at least, you can play for free in the first half of the game (25 of 50 levels), and this is enough for a few hours having fun. Well, if the game you like, you can unlock the full version for only 30 rubles.


Rules Freeze! very simple: there is a level, which is a small maze in which there are various obstacles. To get them, we do not manage our hero (round eye), and flip the world itself, and the character, because of its round shape, easily rolled to the right place.
Everything would be fine if it were not that many levels of rifts and simple twists of the world will not be able to go, and in this case there is only one way - freezing. To use this skill on display is a separate large button, pressing on which our character is frozen in one particular place.
For example, you can hang in the air and use this function to do incredible jumps and tricks. You have to understand just what you can use frozen a few times.

Features Freeze! for Android:

  • Stylized black and white graphics;
  • Fascinating physical geimpley;
  • Huge number of levels for a few hours of play;
  • Interesting puzzles and exciting battles against enemies and deadly traps;
  • Quality and atmospheric soundtrack.
Summary. Freeze! - It is very bright and unforgettable puzzle for Android with the ideal balance of difficulty. At the moment, half of the game is free, and the second is purchased within 30 rubles. Besides, you can get 10 levels for free, if you leave a detailed review on the page of Google Play. Thus, you can get 35 levels really free, and if you want you can encourage the development of such a masterpiece and buy the full version.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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