Trivaders Triangular Invaders
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Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders
Trivaders Triangular Invaders

Review Trivaders Triangular Invaders

Brandon Girod
Responsive controls, beautiful aesthetic, compelling gameplay
There is a random element to the weapons that doesn't seem fair, the game doesn't explain the scoring system at all
One touch games have become all the rage. Make a simple game that has a seemingly endless skill ceiling and let people stumble over themselves while trying to beat each other’s high scores. Trivaders for Android takes this one step further by introducing not one but two touches! Each touch will circumnavigate your ship around the sphere it’s trying to protect and allow you to collect power-ups and take down bad guys.
So I enjoyed this game quite a bit more than I was really expecting but the aesthetic got me right away. Just looking at screenshots sold me. The design is great, simple, and really pleasing to the eye. I also love the animation. Shooting an enemy causes their ship to burst into tiny pixel fragments that just looks beautiful.
Even the gameplay shines. It’s an endless game that obviously gets more difficult as you progress and the idea is that pressing the right and left sides of the screen will allow your ship to rotate around the sphere you’re protecting. Now protecting is used pretty loosely here because the only thing you really need to protect is yourself. The enemies can shoot the sphere infinitely and nothing will ever happen.
While you’re zipping around and taking down enemies you’ll want to try and position yourself to collect the blue orbs that fall towards you because these are where you actually gain points and change your weapons. Weapons are unlocked as you play and serve as a random element because every time you collect a blue orb your weapon changes.
Trivaders was a difficult game to wrap my mind around because you want to avoid being hit by enemies while also trying to get hit by the blue orbs. Enemies start coming in larger groups, firing faster, and new enemy types appear to throw a wrench at you every now and then too. It can feel very overwhelming but so fun at the same time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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I think this game is awesome but sometimes hard to play! 
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