Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
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Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing

Review Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, decent graphics, decent game play, one-finger controls
In-app purchases, features ads
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing for Android is a game where you play this surfer chick called Sally on an endless obstacle-ridden wave. You simply tap to ride higher up the wave, collect coins, and avoid all the rocks, buoys, and trapped sea creatures. You can collect all the letters in SALLY and then ride at the top of the wave in a mini-game where you need to tap buttons exactly when two circles meet, to watch Sally perform tricks for extra points.
With all the coins you collect, you can buy new surfboards and powerups. You get a free powerup of each type to try out so you can see what they all do first. One of them gives you a jet ski start, where you can collect loads of coins at high speed as you’re pulled along the wave by a jet ski. It’s a simple dynamic, presented in a bright a friendly way that really evokes the feeling of salty water, baking sunshine and lapping waves.
You only get one “life” in each run, and when you hit an object it goes into slow motion of your crash, teasing you to spend a pearl to keep going. It’s one of the most tempting “continue” options I’ve seen. Of course, you can also buy coins and pearls as in app purchases, so make sure you keep a handle on these. Overall though, this is good wholesome fun, and I have no hesitation recommending it both girls and boys, as well as grown up surfers in the off-season.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
Brandon Girod
Features a really popular female surfer, kid friendly with a colorful aesthetic
There are game breaking bugs that frequently occur, there is no real since of objective
Yesterday if you had asked me if Fitzgibbons was really someone’s name then I would have confidently stated no. Yesterday I would also be wrong because Sally Fitzgibbons is apparently an incredibly popular female surfer and Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing for Android is, you guessed it, her mobile surfing game.
To be honest, the game’s overarching objective really escapes me. It plays out a lot like a game of Flappy Bird. As you surf you’ll gradually move towards the bottom of the screen as object scroll past you. Tapping the screen allows you to surf higher and this is how you’ll control your character as you collect coins to purchase upgrades and help free animals. Of course, things can’t be that easy, though.
The odd part of the game is that you can also collect letters of Sally’s name, but when you do the game completely falls apart and just doesn’t do anything after that. Is that supposed to be the end of the game or what? Sally casually swims to the top of the wave and just surfs there. I set my phone aside for a good ten minutes to see if it ever progressed past that but when I walked back I was greeted by the same screen I left. Also, my phone felt like it was on fire.
Honestly, Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing is a game probably better left untouched. There are better Flappy Bird knocks offs that are just as kid friendly, and this game’s performance and bugs just don’t make it a very enjoyable experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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