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Review Torque

Brandon Girod
Incredibly simple concept, features minimal design that fits in well with the overall theme, the fast-paced gameplay will keep you entertained for multiple appointments and queues
The controls feel a little off. Could be more responsive, the game might be too simple for most players
I’ve been playing a lot of games that share the same genre, which typically grates on me pretty hard. Mobile games in particular can be pretty fatiguing, but I’ve found myself consistently entertained by these arcadey reflex based games. Torque for Android is easily one of the simplest ones I’ve played yet, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing.
We’ll start with the good first. Simplicity means I get to jump right into the game the very first time I picked it up, and I was able to understand how to play it pretty much immediately. No tutorials needed. It also means that jumping back into the game when you die is really fast and almost seamless.
Gameplay is really simple. You’ve got a circle. There are actually multiple circles, but one of those circles is your circle. It sits on top of a rather large circle that rotates counter-clockwise. As it rotates, two other circles are also riding the larger circle, and this means they are coming at you. You’ve got to decide if you need to ride on the outside of the circle or the inside in order to avoid collision. It’s really easy to do, but as you get further along the game, the speed it rotates increases fairly quickly.
Good, now on to the bad stuff. The game suffers from its own simplicity simply because there are no other game modes. There aren’t even any options to share your highscore with your friends, which is largely what the genre is based around. So, it’s kind of like you found this really cool toy and got really good at it, but realized you’re trapped alone in a room and no one will ever get to see how good you are.
Torque is a fun toy. The difficulty might curve slightly faster than I would like, but the gameplay elements are fun and interesting. Unfortunately, it lacks basic social features that it really needs in order to be successful, and that’s a shame.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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