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Ball - Balance
Ball - Balance
Ball - Balance
Ball - Balance
Ball - Balance
Ball - Balance
Ball - Balance

Review Ball - Balance

Ollie Green
Quality 3D graphics, distinctive levels, quality game play, one-finger controls
Is lagging
Ball - Balance for Android is a fun mobile arcade game that gets players to roll a ball through an obstacle course, picking up items and avoiding traps along the way.
In this game, you are given a single marble, and you must use the directional pad in-game to control it's movement. The pad is a square in the bottom right corner of the screen, and it provides responsive feedback for the ball. If you push the pad any direction, you can expect the ball to react accordingly, almost immediately. I honestly love this unique control design, and I hope more developers integrate it into their own games.
One of the great aspects of this game is the level design. There are so many cool features and functions on every level. For example, on one level, you will need to hit a stopper to push a bridge down. The stopper must be pushed from a certain direction, otherwise it will block you. In another example, you must use a ball changer machine to turn your ball into paper, and then use fans to propel yourself over a wall. The levels are very inventive, and the exciting thing is players can use these great level mechanics to create their own levels to play and share in the level editor.
The graphics in this game are also top notch. The game features detailed 3D level design as well as great lighting and shadow effects. Unfortunately, the game interface is a little laggy, and you may notice a few freezes here and there whilst playing. The game is still in beta though, so these kind of issues are understandable.
Ball - Balance is free, so if you're willing to deal with a few freezes and glitches, there's no reason not to give the game a try.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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