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Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build
Chuggington Ready to Build

Review Chuggington Ready to Build

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, interesting graphics, every level brings something new, unusual game play, simple controls
Graphics could have been better, features ads
Chuggington Ready To Build for Android brings you an interactive 3D world of cartoon trains. Drive your trains around with a slider to accelerate, and press buttons to switch the tracks. Change to different carriages with specific functions to complete different tasks and remove obstacles from the tracks. For example, there's a fire engine carriage to put out fires, a drill for breaking through rocks, and an empty wagon for carrying rocks etc. There are other repairs to complete; such as fixing a bridge with a crane, and sucking up spilt oil with a hose.
As you complete obstacles, you can erect buildings in the empty spaces on the map to build up a whole town. But you can only put up a few buildings for free; the rest require buying the full version; which will run you nearly 10 bucks. Some of the buildings perform specific functions, such as the train wash which makes your trains clean and sparkly. But most seem to just sit there as decoration.
Frankly, the game doesn't seem to offer great value for money, as there are a limited number of challenges to complete. Although it is fun doing them, they could soon get boring. You also can't redesign or expand the track route itself. This makes the game quite linear; as your only decisions are what buildings to put up.
The game does look true to the Chuggington cartoons, with good attention to detail, and it's sure to appeal to kids who are into it. But there isn't really any creative problem solving in this one, and it will likely only entertain for a short period.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
Good graphics, features a popular kid’s television character, let’s you customize how you build up the “town”
The tasks are incredibly repetitive, you’ll hear the same lines of dialogue over and over again
Whenever I’m reviewing children’s games and apps I try to be as lenient as I can and review them on the same that I believe the child can relate to, and also give a bit of information that the parents are probably interested in. So, with that said, it’s kind of with regret that I say Chuggington Ready to Build for Android isn’t really a great game.
That sounds harsh jumping right into it so let me explain. The first problem I found with the game is the fact that you pretty much need to have the sound on in order to understand what to do. I can see why the developer did this, obviously most of the children in the age range that this game is going to appeal to aren’t able to read. That makes sense, but unfortunately a lot of parents aren’t going to want to listen to the narrator tell you to do the same thing over and over again.
The repetitive dialogue also leads me to the next point: this game absolutely loves to have you do the same exact thing over and over again. My first task was to equip a drill and drive into the side of a mountain to clear out a tunnel. Then I had to fix a bridge. Then my train circled back around and I had to fix the same tunnel I just fixed less than two minutes ago. Oh, and guess what? That same bridge is out again.
I feel like the developers aren’t giving most children enough credit because I know mine would immediately put the game down and probably never pick it back up again if they sat around doing the same thing over and over again.
There are a few redeemable aspects to the game like the ability to pick which buildings you build and where they go. The controls are also really easy and children from 2 up will probably be able to figure out what to do with some help from mom and dad.
That said, Chuggington Ready to Build just didn’t do it for me. It’s one of the most repetitive games I’ve played and if you aren’t able to play with the volume on then you won’t even know what’s going on. I’d definitely love to see more variance in tasks because I think that would go a long way to fixing the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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