Endless Boss Fight
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Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight

Review Endless Boss Fight

Brandon Girod
Responsive controls, interesting game concept
The developers don't do anything with the concept and it begins to wear thin, it's grind intensive
I spent many a long nights up playing Kongregate Flash games back in the day, and when I first installed Flash on my original Droid I was super excited about the prospect of playing Flash games in my browser through my phone. Thinking back on that makes me chuckle a bit for being naive. But, while that may not have been a reality then -- or now -- we are definitely getting Flash games ported to mobile devices. Endless Boss Fight for Android is one of these games.
The game’s name really couldn’t be anymore descriptive of the game if it tried. Suffice to say, you’re fighting one endless boss fight. The very first time you get into the game it goes over some of the boss’ base attack patterns. It shows you how to stop its missiles, reflect them, and perform combos. It doesn’t, however, prepare you from getting your face smashed in the first time it does an attack that breaks the attack pattern the game has taught you. Which is pretty cool.
Over the course of fighting the boss you’ll unlock a type of currency that can be used to buff both yourself and the boss. Now, why would you want to buff the boss? Mainly to get higher scores and the opportunity to unlock more stuff.
Now, the game’s concept is really cool but it starts to get boring after a bit simply because the game really doesn’t do much to shift anything other than attacks. The environment is always the same and everything always looks the same. I compare this to the new iPhone. If you’re getting new internals but it looks identical to the last iteration, is it really that fun? For me, the answer is simply no.
Endless Boss Fight has some great mechanics, though, and the controls are responsive. I just don’t think it has much lasting appeal because everything largely remains the same. The fact that the unlocks are really grind intensive doesn’t lend the game any credit either.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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