Dictator: Outbreak
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Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak
Dictator: Outbreak

Review Dictator: Outbreak

Brandon Girod
The premise of each issue is generally interesting, the interface design looks great
Replayability is incredibly low, games are super short
No matter what your stance is on dictators you’ve probably at least thought you might be better at leading something than whoever was in charge at the time. Well, Dictator: Outbreak for Android is the game for you. It’s a decision game where you’re the dictator and you’re forced to make decisions about issues that are brought up between three different factions.
The three factions in the game are the police, the oligarchs, and the people. Every “move’” costs $100,000 and allows you to meet with the leader of one of the three factions. When you meet with them they’ll present you with a situation and you can only answer yes or no. Every decision you make will affect your impression on each class, so you’ll have to choose wisely because you ultimately want to try and keep everyone happy so they don’t overthrow you.
You start off with one million dollars, so that means every game is 10 turns and then the game ends. However, if you get one faction over 10 impression points then you’ll actually begin to earn money, so you can actually keep the game going if you balance everything just right. Alternatively, you can also purchase more cash with real cash.
My biggest problem with this game is that once I’ve completed the game a few times then I don’t really have any real reason to keep playing. Sure, you can rack up a bigger score or your can see what other issues there are, but there is no real skill ceiling to keep trying to ascend to. I initially loved the idea that Dictator: Outbreak brings to the table, but I left the game questioning why I would spend any more time with it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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