Red Baron: War of Planes
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Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes
Red Baron: War of Planes

Review Red Baron: War of Planes

Tariq Abdulla
Realistic model airplanes, decent animation, decent graphics, quality game play
Not responsible controls
Red Baron for Android puts you right into fighting action in WW1 planes. It's tilt controls with a slider to adjust speed and a fire action to the right. Reloading weapons takes a little time, and you can reload early by holding your thumb on the left side of the screen.
Red Baron lacks some of the realism of other dogfighting games; as it seems like you can't fly very far from the action. It feels like it only gives the illusion of movement, with other planes flying in and around you. The upside of this is that you're guaranteed a quick fight, so it's really a good thing, especially in a mobile game.
In each mission there will be many enemy planes, as well as some on your side. There may also be other things like Zeppelin and ground targets. The scenery is really quite beautiful, and the explosions, smoke and gunfire convincing. I found the turning circle not very sharp, but that's probably due to flying the Halberstadt, with more planes unlockable in later missions. And anyway what should you expect from biplanes? It’s easy enough to get enemy planes into your sights and fire them down.
Red Baron is decent fun and graphically stunning and great fun to boot. The game is sure to please fighter gamers and aviation geeks alike.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
The graphics are good, planes are modeled after real planes from wwii
The controls are awkward, mission structure and objectives aren't fun
I’ve never really understood how you create a flight game on a mobile platform. The screen real estate leaves a lot to be desired, playing with tilt controls on a tablet can be awkward, and the experience is overall a lot less immersive than it is on a PC. That doesn’t prevent people from trying, though. Red Baron: War Planes for Android is a dog fighting that takes you through a few campaigns in WWII.
If I could describe this game in one word it would be awkward. From the way missions are set up to the way you control the plane, everything about the game just feels off.
Missions are setup very similar to a game of Candy Crush where everything is linear and you have a three star system that is based solely on how quickly you complete a mission. This kind of mission structure just feels so out of place. Another similar game on Android gets it right by having actual campaigns in several different theaters of war. This one just feels like a cheap mobile game by comparison.
The controls are equally awkward because they’re tilt-based and there is no aim assist. That means you have to be incredibly precise while you’re shooting at specs on the screen and keeping your plane on a correct flight path.
Unlocks are acquired based on how far into the game you get. Your first unlock is after stage 4 and it’s a new plane you can play the game with. Planes, of course, have different stats and feel slightly different compared to each other.
Red Baron: War Planes has good graphics, but the game’s presentation just feels off. I’m not a fan of the mission structure because it doesn’t really give any setup, they’re just backdrops. The controls are straight up bad. It’s not that they aren’t responsive, it’s that they’re simply too difficult to control on your device. If you’re on the fence about this one then I say keep moving.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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N124 Bubblehead
As a veteran of mobile device plane Sims including the sky gambler series, I must say that, though far from perfect, I see a game that sets the basis for what's coming from this company. This is a fabulous start and will only get better. Keep up the good work and I am excited by WW I aviation (not WW II) games.
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