Hamilton's Adventure THD
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Hamilton's Adventure THD
Hamilton's Adventure THD
Hamilton's Adventure THD
Hamilton's Adventure THD
Hamilton's Adventure THD
Hamilton's Adventure THD

Review Hamilton's Adventure THD

Sergei Petrov
Hamilton's Adventure THD - it's very high quality and beautiful game in the genre of platforming, available only for smartphones and tablets based on the processor NVIDIA Tegra 3. The game boasts a very high-quality graphics, highly detailed objects and lots of shadows and lighting effects.
Worked on the development of the game studio Fatshark, and this is their first experience of development under Android, because before that they specialized in creating games for the PlayStation 3. Most interesting is that Hamilton's Adventure just came from the video game, which is a good premise, because the touch screen could easily emulate the main features of joysticks.


The game's plot revolves around the main character with the name of Hamilton, which is a famous adventurer. We will visit the most interesting places and mysterious places on the planet - the jungles of the Amazon and Himalayas. We will deal with the most interesting and unusual puzzles and various mini-problems.
The main feature geimpleya - is the ability to control the alternating Hamilton and his faithful bird, and for each character the same level is totally different. For example, playing for Hamilton, at some point we can stretch to a standstill with a locked door, the key can only get true bird, so the interaction between the characters - this is not only a "feature", but geimpleynaya feature.
It is noteworthy that when porting the game to the PlayStation 3 on Android, developers do not cut the schedule, it has remained in the same pristine intact, along with all the effects. This already indicates that modern processors is rapidly catching up on power of the PC and the console.

Features of Hamilton's Adventure THD for Android:

  • Powerful and high-quality graphics, optimized for Tegra 3;
  • Geimpley fascinating and exciting;
  • Easy operation by a virtual joystick and buttons;
  • Large number of interesting puzzles;
  • More than 20 different levels in two huge locations.
Summary. Hamilton's Adventure - this is a very exciting and high quality adventure game that is definitely worth playing all owners of Tegra 3. Not every day for porting Android games directly from the console, that in itself speaks of the high quality. The cost of the game is only 120 rubles, unfortunately, the developers did not include demos in the store Google Play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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