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All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing

Review All Guns Blazing

Brandon Girod
Stunning graphics, very responsive shooting mechanics, the game runs incredibly smooth despite how demanding it looks
The upgrade system is very grindy, the gameplay feels repetitive despite cycling objectives
It’s been literally forever since I played an on-rails shooter like Time Crisis, but that’s exactly what All Guns Blazing for Android is. It’s an on-rails shooter with a bit of a resource management aspect to it that allows you to build up an empire one mission at a time.
So there are a few parts to this game but the very first time you jump into the game you’re thrown right into the fire. Like I said earlier, the gunplay is right out of an on-rails shooter. You’re undercover the entire time and only pop up to shoot enemies, which is done by simply tapping on them. You’ve got a few weapons you start off with that you can upgrade and eventually swap out for better ones when you get more cash to buy them.
As you progress through missions you’ll be taken to a map of the USA where you can purchase land that passively earns you money as you play. Each mission has a different set of objectives so while the gunplay remains the same each mission will feel pretty fresh for the most part.
I’m a bit torn on the mechanics because while enemies get tougher and eventually force you out of hiding, it really is just the same thing over and over again. I loved playing rail shooters as a kid but as an adult I just don’t find it that fun. The resource management and RPG style upgrades will help draw people in but even that feels really grindy and ultimately not very much fun.
All Guns Blazing is an amazing looking game. The presentation is out of this world and the 300+ MB download size should really give that away. That said, the gameplay feels repetitive even though objectives change throughout the game. It also suffers from really long load times in between every mission, which can be a pretty big drag.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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