Bob's Space Adventure
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Bob's Space Adventure
Bob's Space Adventure
Bob's Space Adventure
Bob's Space Adventure
Bob's Space Adventure
Bob's Space Adventure
Bob's Space Adventure

Review Bob's Space Adventure

Brandon Girod
Charming aesthetic, fun gameplay mechanics
The controls feel loose, the fuel mechanic increases the difficulty too much
I once knew a fish named Bob. He didn’t have any grandiose space adventures though and, subsequently, he is now dead. Bob’s Space Adventure for Android, however, is a very exciting game about someone named Bob who had a really cool life. You just have to make sure he doesn’t die.
Controlling Bob is a lot like controlling the spaceship from Asteroids. You can maneuver his jetpack to propel you forwards and you also have a little laser rifle that you can use to take down aliens and asteroids. However, annoyingly enough, every action you perform wastes fuel. Yes, even shooting. I’m not sure what logic they were following when they made that decision, but I suppose that’s just the way things went down.
This single feature alone, while probably made from a financial point of view, makes the game ten times more annoying to play than it should be.
The core gameplay itself is fun, and difficult. I died a thousand times and was generally no good at all. But I kept playing, and that’s the important part. The fuel system makes the game that much harder, and every death offers to revive you if you pay a little money or watch an ad. So yeah, that mechanic feels just a little bit shady.
The game’s aesthetic and overall presentation is fun, though. I love how it looks. But, unfortunately, Bob’s Space Adventure kind of turns me off with the greedy gameplay mechanics. That’s not to say you can’t play this game and have plenty of fun without any expense at all, but the game does kind of rub it in your face as you’re watching the game over screen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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