Battle Wizard Attack
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Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack
Battle Wizard Attack

Review Battle Wizard Attack

Brandon Girod
The retro-pixel look is on point, the leveling system is easy and helps you actually stay in the game for longer, the level is large and varied
The controls are really awkward, the game pacing is really slow, suffers from repetitive gameplay
I’ve got a quick request for you. Close your eyes and think of three words you would use to describe a game with magic and fighting. For those of you that came back to read the rest of this, congratulations! You’ve just created a title for and Android app. Battle Wizard Attack for Android is a game that literally did the exact same thing to come up with its name. You’re already one step closer to getting your game on the Play Store.
So let’s jump into the game mechanics here. Looking at the game’s screenshots you’d expect it to be a retro pixel action RPG and you’d be half correct. Unfortunately it’s not the full-fledged RPG you might be expected. Instead it’s an endless horde mode. Every wave you have 100 skeletons that are scattered across the rather large level and it’s your job to use your wizard skills to dispatch the horde of skeletons.
As you do so you’ll level up which increases your health and your mana, which lets you perform more powerful attacks for longer.
After every wave the skeletons come back with better gear and are more difficult to take down because they become really quick bullet sponges.
Unfortunately, that’s the entire game. The goal is to just see how long you can survive, but there is no way to really upgrade any of your skills. You don’t get new magic powers or more powerful attacks. You’re simply stuck with the tools you have.
Battle Wizard Attack is a pretty cool game at first glance, but I found myself getting rather bored after the first few waves. The level is large, and while the enemies get more powerful, they’re spread pretty far apart which means that you can plan your attacks so you’re not totally overwhelmed. The gameplay is solid but not really compelling.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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