Do Note by IFTTT
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Do Note by IFTTT
Do Note by IFTTT
Do Note by IFTTT
Do Note by IFTTT
Do Note by IFTTT
Do Note by IFTTT
Do Note by IFTTT

Review Do Note by IFTTT

Brandon Girod
Works flawlessly, easy to use, features tons of recipes
You can only actively use one recipe, you can only save 3 recipes at any given time
IFTTT (If This Then That) is an automated task system that was originally made for web use, but has since migrated to multiple devices. As such, the team behind IFTTT decided it would be a good idea to make apps specifically for these devices for easy integration. Do Note for Android is one of three of these apps, and as you might imagine, it helps automate your notes!
So how are these new suite of apps different from what IFTTT already has to offer? Well, to answer that question correctly you really need to think about it in a different way. Where IFTTT is expansive enough to do just about anything you can think of, the new Do apps are intended to be much simpler apps that excel at single use.
For instance, the note app only sends text files, and you can only configure three recipes at a time with it. You can do this with IFTTT now, but these are intended to work with widgets as well, and unlike the parent app, these actually worked for me. I set up a simple recipe that would send text and email a note to myself. And guess what? It actually did it!
Do Note is really a great, simple little application that does exactly what it is intended to and absolutely nothing more. You’re not going to get it to send your pictures to Dropbox or sync your Dropbox with your Google Drive account, but you can certainly do just about anything you could think of that’s related to text.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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