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Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile
Jumpy Tile

Review Jumpy Tile

Ollie Green
Record chart, addictive game play, simple controls
Too many ads
Jumpy Tile for Android is an attempt to take the infuriating concept of Flappy Bird and make it even more frustrating. Much to my dismay, the developer of this game has managed to make it feature anger-inducing levels of difficulty, but if you enjoy getting mad at your phone, this game might just be for you.
In this game, you control a small tile as it makes it way up the screen. Along the way, there will be all sorts of different obstacles that will get in the way of the tile you control. To move your tile, you simply tap it to send it spinning in the opposite direction it is currently traveling in.
As you can imagine, the game controls are very hard to master, and because of this the game becomes incredibly frustrating very quickly. Just getting past the first few obstacles is a challenge, and going even further than that often relies on luck instead of skill. At times, you feel cheated - there are areas that seem almost impossible to get past, and hitting these parts when close to your high score does nothing more than increase your rage even further.
The graphics in this game are very simple, and it’s clear that the developer has put little care into the art style and interface of the game. Besides from a tracker for your high score and a global leaderboard, there is very little else to this game. The amount of care the developer has put into this app is just about matched by how much the game cares about you dying for the hundredth time after finally almost beating your high score. It’s hard to believe that such a simple game could be so difficult.
Jumpy Tile is free to play, but there is an in-app purchase that can be used to remove the invasive adverts from the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
Vlad Popa
Simple controls, well-chosen sound effects, can become addictive due to frustration
Features ads, overly difficult gameplay
Ever since the smashing hit that was Flappy Bird many games have tried to follow in its footsteps by capitalizing on simple mechanics and incredibly difficult gameplay. Jumpy Tile is one such game. Blending in an incredibly similar gameplay to Flappy bird, absolutely basic graphics and
Each tap on the screen will command the tile to perform an arched jump. By chaining perfectly timed jumps the tile can be guided around obstacles and through gateways. The key is mixing the jumps with the effect of gravity, by letting the tile fall a short distance, this will allow for a well-aimed jump through the gate. When all else fails franticly tapping the screen may surprise you by working through sheer luck. Touching absolutely anything during the course of a run will immediately cause it to be failed.
Tight pathways combined with the influence of gravity on the jumps make it an incredibly difficult game, although at first glance it does not seem so due to the simple mechanics and minimalistic graphics. In tone with the overall simple design, the sound effects have a quality feel to them, although the lack of a soundtrack gives off a dull feeling.
Overall Jumpy Tile for Android is simply put, a game that strives to be overly difficult for the sake of being overly difficult. It attempts to capitalize on the fame that followed Flappy Bird, yet has none of the charm, and quite frankly feels forced. Granted, it is great for a few frustratingly challenging moments, yet fails to retain the user’s attention as the game that inspired it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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