Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner
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Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner
Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner
Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner
Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner
Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner
Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner

Review Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, simple interface, modern design
Often tags wanted pics for deletion, limited features, lags a bit
Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner for Android aims to streamline your photo gallery. Perform automatic scans, identify duplicate photos and free up valuable disk space. This one functions fairly well but still requires a human touch to make final choices before deleting photos.
Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner promised to help you make sense of all those photographs you keep snapping off like a trigger happy sharpshooter. In the old days, you actually had to be selective with the pictures you took, because each one cost real money and you had to wait to get them back from the lab, so they had better be worth it. Nowadays, we all snap off copious pictures, then have to sift through the quagmire to find the ones worth keeping; enter Gallery Doctor. Right off the top, the app scans your entire gizmo in search of every photo you've ever taken, so brace yourself, because some that are better left forgotten may be coming back to haunt you.
The scans happen fairly quickly, though will naturally depend on how many photos you have littering your storage. Once complete, the scan returns colorfully vibrant graphics and pie charts with high impact textual feedback and visuals. The app uses an algorithm to identify "bad" photos, "similar" photos and all the remaining "good" photos. From there, you'll have to scroll through all the earmarked pics and make sure something you want to keep isn't marked for deletion. The intelligence behind the curtain isn't half bad, but there were many photos marked for deletion that I actually wanted to keep, so look sharp before hitting that delete button.
Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner functions quickly and indeed can help you minimize your digital clutter, just don’t be foolhardy enough to think this is a one and done automated service.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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