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Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival
Mini Carnival

Review Mini Carnival

Brandon Girod
Features a ton of mini-games, has user created content, let’s you play with friends and meet new ones
Rips off Minecraft graphics, is balanced around playing multiplayer
Mini Carnival for Android is a strange game because the game calls itself an RPG, which it is, but the name of the game and mini-games it includes is much closer to what really seems to be the point of the game.
The RPG element is really close to just about every other RPG out there on Android right now. You get a team of heroes put together and you can buy new ones using special resources that only seem to be acquired from spending real money. You can also combine these heroes together to create better heroes as well.
Combat is turn-based and always seems stacked against you. You have no special abilities but enemies are always on guard or have some power-ups that make them stronger than you are. I found the combat to be incredibly dull and boring, though. It’s also not balanced for solo play. Since I was playing alone I got stuck at one point and wasn’t able to get any further because there was no way for me to purchase new equipment, new heroes, or grind to level up.
The multiplayer aspect is where all the fun really is. There are a ton of excellent mini-games that are really fun to play and you’ll win gold by playing them which lets you purchase new stuff for your avatar, which is what other players see when they’re in the game.
Mini Carnival seems really fun, but doesn't really have any idea as to what it wants to be. Jumping in I thought it was strictly a multiplayer game, but it actually seems to value the user created content and mini-games over everything else, and the RPG part is actually the worst. If you’re looking for a game that packs in a ton of multiplayer content to play with friends then this is a good one to pick up.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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