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Breach & Clear
Breach & Clear
Breach & Clear
Breach & Clear
Breach & Clear
Breach & Clear

Review Breach & Clear

Brandon Girod
Gorgeous looking graphics, fluid gameplay that is engaging and tactical, there is a good amount of depth in character progression
The in-app purchases definitely put me off and seem a bit misleading, starting up is kind of overwhelming and there isn’t a decent tutorial for building your team
I don’t think I’ll ever understand why this isn’t a much more prominent genre to be found on mobile platforms, especially if developers want hardcore gamers to take mobile games seriously. Breach & Clear for Android is a great turn-based, tactical combat game that is similar to XCOM but is a little more accessible and easier to digest on a phone.
So the idea of the game is almost like XCOM meets Hotline Miami. You’ve got an area and you need to tactically run your team through the building to accomplish whatever objective you have. Objectives can range from taking out terrorist threats to disarming bombs.
When you first start off the game has you build your team from scratch and you can select from a variety of different spec ops groups like the Seals all the way to Spetsnaz, which is a really cool touch. Each time has their own stats too, so it gives you different ways to play depending on what you choose. Once you pick your team you get to choose 4 squad members and assign them classes, which gives them special abilities and perks in the game.
Missions play out in turns but combat is automatic and engages as soon as you have line of sight on someone. So let’s say you instruct your team to move into a new room. You’ll want to scope out where they can take cover and then give them line of sight on areas in the room that could likely be threats. Once you’ve assigned movement to each team member you select to breach and watch as it all unfolds.
My biggest complaint to the game is that you pay a dollar to get it but then you’ve got to pay more money to unlock more missions, equipment, and teams. It seems a bit shady because they get you with a small investment and then expect you to pay $5 for five more missions or $4 for a new team. You suddenly begin to wonder why you didn’t just pay $10 upfront for XCOM and get a truly fleshed out experience.
Breach & Clear is a little shady when it comes to how they’ve priced out the game, but for a dollar there is still a good bit of fun to be had here, and if you really like it you can definitely support the developers by purchasing more content. The gameplay is really engaging and works perfectly on a mobile device and while there is no story, it’s fun to find new ways to breach each level.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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