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Crystal Riddle
Crystal Riddle
Crystal Riddle
Crystal Riddle
Crystal Riddle
Crystal Riddle

Review Crystal Riddle

Ollie Green
Decent graphics, lots of levels, simple controls, quality physics
In-app purchases
Crystal Riddle for Android is a fun puzzle game that leave you riddled for answers. This game features plenty of levels to keep you playing, and each level is more difficult than the one before it.
It is very difficult to make a balanced puzzle game that is both enjoyable and challenging, but the developers of this game have managed to do it. The aim of this game is to slide tiles on a board into certain areas. Because the tiles will keep sliding till they hit the edge of the board or another object, you really have to think carefully about how to move your tiles.
In the more difficult levels, you'll need to perform a combination of movements to get your tiles in the right position. Whilst most players may be able to eventually get through each level, those looking for more of a challenge might want to try to achieve three stars by completing each level in under a certain amount of moves.
This game does get incredibly challenging in the later levels, and some players may end up being a little frustrated with the difficulty. There is a way out for the casual players who would like to play in their own time. If players are stuck, they can use teleport scrolls to move a tile anywhere on the board. As you can imagine, teleports can be purchased through in-app purchases. It's completely possible to complete each level without spending any money on the game though. Unlike other puzzle games, there are no random elements, and each level will be the same every time. This means that there is always a certain way to complete each level, and teleports are never required.
Crystal Riddle is free, but like mentioned above, there are in-app purchases. This game also features ads, which can be removed by paying.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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