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Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars
Mojo Stars

Review Mojo Stars

Brandon Girod
Very stylized graphics, fun and quick gameplay
Lots of repetitive tasks, very grindy
Mojo Stars for Android can be aptly summarized as a graphical spreadsheet and I say that in a positive tone. Lots of people really like digging deep into numbers and numbers is pretty much what this game is about. It’s an RPG that includes a goofy story about street gangs.
Talk about holding your hand. This game never lets you go and treats you like you’ve never played a video before in your life. Which is a bit silly because mechanically this is one of the more complex RPGs that I’ve played on a mobile platform. You get stats for your character, stats for your apartment, and since your character fights using different music styles you get stats for your musical equipment as well.
The style of music you choose doesn’t really matter much because as you level and train with different masters you can essentially build your character however you want. Ultimately I just found that the style of music I chose fit more with the overall theme of the game rather than character building stat wise.
Combat is a completely automated task and you can speed this up further by pushing what is essentially a skip button. This allows you to instantly view the results of any fight so you don’t need to waste time playing the game by, you know, actually playing the game.
Now, I don’t want to give off the impression that I disliked the game because I think the mechanics involving character creation are really good. You can customize the way your character looks and you personally get to choose every stat and power your character uses. I just wish there was more interaction on the gameplay side of things.
Despite the impression Mojo Stars might give off on immediate looks, it offers a really cool and unique gameplay experience. You’ll perform quests, level up, and build an awesome character along the way. Just don’t expect to get too hands on.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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