ICC Pro Cricket 2015
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ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Review ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Ollie Green
Quality animation, quality 3d graphics, quality game play, responsive controls
In-app purchases
The pro in ICC Pro Cricket 2015 for Android isn't there for no reason. In fact, this may be the most professional and realistic mobile cricket simulator you'll ever get to lay your hands on.
This game allows you to play as both the batsman and the bowler for your own team as you attempt to beat the 14 teams partaking in the ICC 2015 world cup. When you are playing as the batsman, the opposing team's bowler will throw the ball towards you, and you'll need to time your shot and also choose which direction to hit the ball. The distance the ball goes will depend on how well you hit the ball, and this will effect how many runs you can get. Once the ball is hit you'll see it fly out on the field, and you can choose to stop running at any point to avoid being caught out.
Whilst playing as the bowler, you are given lots of control over how powerful you want to throw the ball and what direction you'd like to throw it. If you get skilled enough, you can create some really tricky to hit shots thanks to the intuitive throwing controls. I think the bowler is the hardest role to play in this game though, and it does take a bit of practice to get to grips with.
As you play through the world cup tournament, you'll be able to buy, sell and acquire new players to create your very own dream team. Whilst everything can be earned without spending a penny, there are a lot of in-app purchases that can help you to build your dream team easily. Despite the IAPs, you could easily play this game for hours without needing to spend any money.
ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is a great cricket game - it comes with amazing 3D graphics, intuitive controls for both the batsman and the bowler, and a great system to allow players to build their own cricket team.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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Brandon Girod
We like you too.  
Is internet connection mandatory for playing this game....Also please suggest some other good cricket games.. Thanks in advance..
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