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Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero
Crevice Hero

Review Crevice Hero

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, decent graphics, unusual game play, simple controls
Features ads
Crevice Hero for Android is a game of running through a dangerous cave or mine, collecting gems. The ceiling of the cave keeps collapsing, so you need to run just far enough to get yourself into a hole where you are not going to be squashed. You have to watch the ceiling as well as the floor, to quickly spot which areas are going to be safe, and which are going to grind you as flat as a pancake.
There are button controls in this one, left-right and a jump. They are actually quite faint, and I found them hard to spot at first; but once you know where they are, the controls are quite responsive. You are always tempted to try and run a bit further, but it’s never a good idea. Always better stop in the first safe spot you find.
If you watch the ceiling you can actually see where it’s going to be safe, as there is some light shining through. That’s actually kind of a godsend, as otherwise you’d never be able to get very far in this. It’s an OK game, but the fact that you have to keep stopping makes it a bit slow, and after a while, it’s easy for it to get kind of pointless. If you run far enough, you can upgrade through a whole series of different heroes, each apparently with their own special abilities. So maybe it gets more interesting with time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
Ollie Green
Neat graphics, addictive game play, simple controls, quality physics
In-app purchases
Crevice Hero for Android looks like your typical endless runner game at first, but when you start playing, you'll notice that there is something quite unique about it. If you are looking for a fun time killer game that has original gameplay, this game might be for you.
In this game, you will find yourself inside of a cave. The objective of the game, like most endless runners, is to see how far you can run without dying. You will be given two directional controls for moving left and right, and a jumping button. Straight off the bat, the controls in this game already give you more freedom than most endless runner games, and the level design makes the app feel more like a platformer than an endless runner.
The only danger in this game is the moving crevice walls. Occasionally, the floor and ceiling of the level will vibrate, and afterwards the floor and ceiling will collide together, trapping you in between. In most spots, you'll be crushed by the moving terrain, but there are certain gaps you can rest in. Each time the level vibrates, you will need to find a safe spot to avoid being crushed.
Whilst playing, you can also pick up gems, and after you die a summary of how many gems you have collected will be displayed. There will be a variety of different gem colors, and each color will be able to unlock different characters to play as. On top of having a unique appearance, each character will have their own stats that will effect gameplay. For example, some characters are given more time before the floor and ceiling come crashing together, whilst other characters can run faster. Each character also has a special ability such as revival, teleport or flight.
Whilst Crevice Hero is free, you can spend real money to purchase characters. Everything else in the game can be played for free though, and all characters can be purchased with currency earned in-game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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