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Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots

Review Mikey Boots

Brandon Girod
Let's you deck out your character in aesthetic gear that obtainable easily in-game, level design is fun and interesting, controls are tight and responsive
The characters are a bit boring, you end up seeing a lot of reused assets
As a kid growing up, if you had asked me what kind of cool stuff we’d be doing once we got into the 2000s, I would have said we’d all be riding hoverboards to work. Flying around with hover boots might be a close second, and that’s exactly what Mikey Boots for Android has: hover boots!
Hover boots give you the really cool ability to be able to fly around in a really flexible manner, and you’ll need it to navigate Mikey through each level. Stages are pretty linear and have a few objectives to complete: collect the 150 coins littered about each level, get to the exit as fast as possible, and try not to die from the myriad of enemies and pointy/hot obstacles in your way.
You control Mikey by tapping either side of the screen. If you do nothing he’ll simply float down to the floor and begin running forward. Tapping a direction will cause him to gain altitude and move towards that direction. Most of the time the floor is legit lava -- or some other kind of deadly liquid -- and there are usually spikes above you. So while you can, and will, land for short periods of time, the absolute best thing to do is keep moving.
Gameplay wise, I feel like this is a really strong game. When I think about how the game looks, I begin to get a little iffy. The level design and detail are really cool, but the character designs are too boring for me. Fortunately you can unlock some cool aesthetic items to dress up your character with, and they’re incredibly cheap to boot.
Mikey Boots does everything right that a paid app should do, in my opinion. If offers items for the player to work towards, but keeps them cheap enough that you can buy something after just about every level. There are no ads, and the game mechanics are really fun and inviting. Do yourself a favor and skip Starbucks this morning so you can buy this game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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