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Staying Together
Staying Together
Staying Together
Staying Together
Staying Together

Review Staying Together

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, neat graphics, lots of levels, interesting game play, simple controls
In-app purchases
Staying Together for Android is a mindbending puzzle with intriguing and beautifully designed levels. You play two characters at the same time - a romantic couple. The game also works as a metaphor, as the couple need to overcome obstacles by working together, and never focussing solely on the needs of one person.
The controls are just brilliant. Your left thumb to move the characters left and right, your right thumb to jump. But left and right are reversed for the characters. This means that in order to get both of them to successfully navigate platforms, and avoid the spikes, you’ll need to think carefully. A typical strategy is to keep one character walking into a wall while the other is actually moving. You often need to double jump to cross longer gaps, but you’ve got to really keep one eye on each of the characters. Despite the difficulty, the controls are so well designed that playing it feels natural.
The dreamy music and starry backdrop fit the concept of the game perfectly. Yes, it’s incredibly cute, but it’s also extremely good fun. I’d say this is going to improve your mental dexterity more than any brain training app. Why not take turns playing it with your significant other? Figuring out the puzzles together could bring you closer together. If you’re single, you’re bound to find the story heartwarming, while enjoying the challenging puzzles.
Completely original and loads of fun, Staying Together is impressive on every front, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
Ollie Green
Charming gameplay and graphics, lots of levels, unique puzzle mechanics, simple controls
In-app purchases
Staying Together for Android is a very charming puzzle game that features dozens of levels. In this game, you take control of two lovers who want nothing more than to be together. The only trouble is that there is a strange force keeping them apart.
On each level in this game, you must direct the two lovers into three heart pieces before leading them to the end portal. Managing to complete these simple goals is actually very challenging because of the way movement works in this game. You are given two directional controls and a jump button, and your screen is split to show both characters on the screen. However, when you move the main character to the right or left, the second character will do the exact opposite.
The developers of this game have put in a lot of thought to put this unique game mechanic at the center of the game experience. You must learn how to control one character past spikes, whilst the other collects hearts on the other side of the world, before leading them both into the end portal, which is sometimes the hardest challenge.
There are plenty of different environments and various contraptions and obstacles to make it progressively more difficult to get each through each level. The graphics are also incredibly bright and colorful, and they really help to bring this game to life. There is a certain sense of achievement that comes with playing this game all the way through, and it's certainly not like many other puzzle games out there.
Staying Together is free, but there are a few in-app purchases that can improve the overall experience for the player, including extra levels and worlds.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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