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Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush
Fingers Rush

Review Fingers Rush

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, decent graphics, lots of levels, unusual game play, one-finger controls
Too many ads
Fingers Rush for Android is an endless scroller type game, where you have to hold your finger on the screen, and move it safely between spiky monsters. It's got a fun look and feel that will appeal to children who are into horrible gooey stuff. But it's way too difficult; I should think especially for children. That said, their nimble little fingers may give them some advantage in this particular game.
The problem is a common one: you can't see what's about to knock into you, under your finger. To make matters worse, you can't lift your finger up at any stage, and you have to squeeze through small moving gaps. Luckily, the monsters you get in the game are mixed up a bit, so at least there is some variety during the first few seconds in which you (inevitably) die. They are muddled bunch, some with long rotating spiky arms; others a bit more blobby in appearance, but all out to get you. If the gaps were just a little larger, maybe this would be more enjoyable.
I like the way you can move any direction to try and avoid objects; even backwards as long as you stay within the screen. But the difficulty ruins this one. Unless maybe you have a transparent stylus to play with, so you can see what’s happening. Hey, that's not a bad idea, does anyone actually make those?

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Ollie Green
Unusual game design, record chart, addictive game play, simple controls
Too many ads
Fingers Rush for Android is a timekiller game that tests players reflexes as they move their finger through a never ending tunnel of traps and obstacles. The exact concept of this game has been done before, but this game does it just as well as any other.
In this game, you aren't treated to any fancy cut-scenes or tutorials. Instead, the game asks you to hold your finger down on the screen, and as soon as you do this you'll be thrown in at the deep end. Considering this is a game that is designed to be played whenever you have any time spare, this is honestly a great approach to take. It's great to see a lack of clutter blocking you from getting straight into the fun.
Whilst you hold your finger down, a trail of dust will follow it. The screen will start to roll vertically, revealing all sorts of grimy looking obstacles. If you hit any of the obstacles with your finger the game will end. The obstacles will move, rotate or change positions, making it difficult to quickly examine the movements of the traps and act accordingly in time.
Each time you get hit by an obstacle, a loud sound effect will play to signify your death. As you play, you'll find yourself dying consistently, and with nothing but the death sound to hear, and the angry faces of the odd looking obstacles to look at, you'll start to get frustrated. As if the obstacles are teasing you for having such a low score, you'll often feel compelled to keep playing. Just keep in mind that if you do get mad at the game, there won't be any obstacles in between your phone and a hard wall if you throw it in anger.
Fingers Rush is free, fun to play and completely free from in-app purchases. There are other games that look incredibly similar to this game, but they come packed with IAPs, so you may consider choosing this as an alternative.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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