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Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish
Man Eats Fish

Review Man Eats Fish

Tariq Abdulla
No in-app purchases, modern graphics, lots of levels, unusual game play, simple controls
Boring game play
Man Eats Fish for Android puts you in charge of your own traditional boat and fish and chip shop business. Spend the day catching fish by directing your boat around the sea and tapping on schools of fish when you are over them. But make sure you get your boat home by 5pm, or it will be too late to open your shop for the evening. I personally found it really tempting to stay out fishing for too long - time is really sped up so you only get to try a few locations before you need to head back.
Your boat has a capacity, and so does your shop. But the trick is to be selective about what fish you sell - each one has rankings for aroma, taste and flavour; and you can release any that you consider to be sub-par. Some customers will write reviews about your fish and chips, and your review score greatly affects your future custom.
If you get back late one day, it’s OK, you can just rent your boat out for the day, and keep your fish for the next evening. There’s a fishing report for the day, which may influence your decision of whether to go out that day or not.
The way the days and nights change colour and go past, with the tide going in and out, is quite pleasing. It’s just not such an exciting theme, but somehow Man Eats Fish is surprisingly engaging. You find yourself wanting to build your business, in this sleepy coastal town.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
Brandon Girod
Engaging gameplay, great usage of micromanagement mechanics, charming visuals and style
Gameplay can feel limited in the beginning
Sometimes the title of a game just hits the nail on the head. Man Eats Fish for Android is one of those names. Man really does eat fish, and we seem to be really into it as a species. And that’s what this game is about. It’s about a man trying to make a living by catching fish and selling it in his restaurant.
There are two elements to this game, one is resource management and the other is just smart thinking. The game starts by explaining the concepts and mechanics with some pretty boring text boxes, but you’re out fishing before you know it. Now, there is no fishing mini game to explore here. Fishing consists of you taking your boat out which brings you into this 2D overworld. You drive your boat around to circles of fish and tap. Fishing is done automatically.
Where you come in is deciding when you need to turn back because you have to be back by 5 PM every day to open your shop. Every second you spend out fishing is costing you in-game time.
You’re also really limited in capacity, so you can only take so much. Sometimes you’ll catch a 6 lb and 4 lb fish right off the bat and you’ll be done for the day. That’s good and bad because there are stats fish have and the more diverse your options are, the better chance you’ll have better tasting fish.
When you come back you’ll have to decide if you have anything worth catching. If you decide to serve fish with terrible stats then you’ll receive poor reviews and no one will want to eat at your restaurant. So sometimes you have to take a loss and toss most of your catch out for the bigger pitcher.
All of this together makes me really love Man Eats Fish. There is a lot of strategy going on here and the gameplay is fun. My favorite part of the game is just the fantastic presentation. It’s pixel art, but it’s really, really well done. If you like management games then you’ll love this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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