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Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight

Review Muffin Knight

Sergei Petrov
Muffin Knight - it is very funny and hardcore platformer for Android-devices, in which we will manage a small knight, chase the fairy cakes, are able to give us amazing magical abilities.
The developer of the game is the studio Angry Mob Games, which many may know enough to known shooter Guerrilla Bob , who along with the game come to us from the platform iOS.


Muffin Knight game is different from all other games rather unusual and hardcore geimpleem. That is, for each map, we present only one life, and dying, you have to start the level again.
Each level is a small 2D-map with several platforms on which from time to time start appearing enemies moving along the same trajectory and deploys in a collision with the wall. Opponents always appear at the top and flows down with nowhere to fall into the fiery abyss.
In this game, no one is attacking and shooting, just is strictly forbidden to collide with other beings, and to get around and jump over them - is difficult, and so we have to indulge in a variety of weapons.
The most interesting thing in the game - this is when we get to the promised magic cake and eat it. At this point, we will turn into a new character with completely different abilities. For example, we can visit the Skin Knight crossbowman, archer, mage, scarecrows, a unicorn, and about 18 different incarnations. In this embodiment, each has its own look and unique way of dealing with the advancing enemies on all sides.
As soon as we eat cake, it disappears, and instead there is a new cupcake in another random place. To get a map and unlock the next level, you must collect a certain number of cakes, while it can be done several times. That is, if we die, nothing bad will happen, you can just start over and continue to collect the remaining cupcakes.

Features Muffin Knight for Android:

  • Colorful graphics, blending a 2D and 3D (called 2.5D);
  • Convenient control;
  • Hardcore geimpley;
  • Interesting boss fights;
  • Opportunity to play on the network with the owners of Android and iOS gadgets;
  • Additional effects for Tegra 3 devices;
  • Support for Bluetooth-joysticks and keyboards.
Get a complete idea about the game, it is mandatory to try the multiplayer, which is Muffin Knight is done very well. Here you can play against the player, and to play together in a cooperative.
Summary. Muffin Knight - a prime example of a dynamic and responsive arcade for Android, for which you can spend a few hours picking delicious fresh muffins. Notable is the fact that the game is free and available paid version of the game is different but a lot of free points and the lack of built-in advertising.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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