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Nun Attack
Nun Attack
Nun Attack
Nun Attack
Nun Attack
Nun Attack

Review Nun Attack

Sergei Petrov
Nun Attack - a fascinating parody shooter for Android, where the holy nuns, armed with the most real firearms, go on the warpath against the rebel army of skeletons and zombies.
The plot of the game is that some "fallen nun" turned away from God and takes in hand the evils of the world to use it against the common people. Restore justice are four nuns with diverse abilities and roles in the team.


Geimpley game Nun Attack collects a whole bunch of genres at once, such as tactics, arcade, shooter. Here, we have to control four characters at the same time, and it is difficult, given the high complexity of the game and the number of attacking enemies. On their dynamics and complexity of the game is very similar to Epic Raiders , a review of which was already on our site.
Control of the game is simple: to move the character, it must be extracted and then, without lifting your finger from the screen, hold it to the desired location. Attack takes place in exactly the same way.
Each nun has its own characteristics and skills that can be useful in combat. Before each mission, we can re-equip our heroines, picking them a suitable small arms and to provide it with the improvements.
All levels in the game are made up of two parts. First we have to get to the demonic portal, running on a small maze, which fired demonic magic. After we moved to a different world, there is still just clean up the area from the enemies.

Features Nun Attack for Android:

  • The four main characters with individual looks and superhuman;
  • Much emphasis on tactics and combination of features nuns;
  • Plenty of options for leveling and a selection of sacred shooting guns (more than 80 items) with different properties;
  • More than 40 missions, which contain more than 150 fights, including several fights with bosses and epic finale - the battle with a fallen nun;
  • Powerful holy spells that will help in the battle against the undead.
Outcome. Nun Attack - a dynamic and exciting mix of tactics, arcade and action, which you can easily dive head for hours. The disadvantages include the unusual game management and a high level of complexity, which can be reduced by buying better weapons for real money (Donato).

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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