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Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE
Blogic Puzzle FREE

Review Blogic Puzzle FREE

Brandon Girod
Features tons and tons of levels to play through, the concept is incredibly easy to understand and master
Suffers from really redundant tutorial interruptions, the beginning puzzles are infantile in difficulty, the later difficulties are inconsistent
With as many puzzle games there are that involve constructing pipes, you would think there would be more people out there looking for jobs constructive infrastructure that follows similar logic. Blogic Puzzle for Android is a puzzle game that has you finding your way through a loosely guided maze.
Think about each level like it’s a mouse maze. Then picture there being no clear exit or starting point. In fact, you might have 4 or 5 different places you could conceivably start and exit from. That is the basic idea surrounding this game.
The beginning 15 or so stages start off being incredibly basic. Almost to the point that you have to wonder what the intended audience is because there is only one path to take and it’s pretty much drawn out for you. Then you’re suddenly being through into a puzzle that requires you to actually take your time deciding where to start from.
Sometimes the game will interrupt you to give you these really weird tips that it’s already described for you. One instance actually completely messed up the puzzle I was working on because it instructed me to make three individual boxes, which really made no sense because there is no way to construct the correct path that way.
Blogic Puzzle is a pretty decent puzzle game, but I really thought the developers needed to let go of my head and simply let me play. The difficulty curve is also really inconsistent. But the game has an interesting concept that most players will be familiar with and have fun playing.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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