Puzzle Rail Rush
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Puzzle Rail Rush
Puzzle Rail Rush
Puzzle Rail Rush
Puzzle Rail Rush
Puzzle Rail Rush
Puzzle Rail Rush
Puzzle Rail Rush

Review Puzzle Rail Rush

Brandon Girod
Puzzle difficulty progresses at a steady pace, the game's mechanics are sound
The sound is pretty low fidelity, the graphics are also a bit low resolution
The interest for trains was something I never really understood, even as a child. I’d see kids playing with train sets in catalogs and movies, but always wondered what was so interesting about watching something drive around in circles. Puzzle Rail Rush for Android is a puzzle game that is totally based around railroads, and it’s surprisingly engaging for being a game about trains.
Whoever built the tracks in the game levels need to be fired immediately, and it’s rather strange that they’ve been allowed to build so many. What you start out with is a start and end point. Everything in between is really nothing more than the shambles of poorly assembled train tracks. You want to put the tracks back together in a way that will let your train make it from point A to point B.
The game actually features two game types: Labyrinth and puzzle. The differences between the game modes are really subtle and the goals are basically the exact same. Labyrinth actually has you doing things lack dragging pieces of rogue track into place and making sure forks are pointed in the right direction. The puzzle mode is actually doing the same thing, but if you want to move pieces of the track, you have to slide them into an empty space like those sliding puzzles.
The core of Puzzle Rail Rush is great, but I’m not a huge fan of the game’s presentation. The sound is really poor and the graphics seem a little outdated. Still, the game’s concept is sound and puzzles are engaging enough to look past the aesthetic deficiencies.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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