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Escape Block King
Escape Block King
Escape Block King
Escape Block King
Escape Block King
Escape Block King
Escape Block King
Escape Block King

Review Escape Block King

Brandon Girod
Features 4 levels of difficulty, has really comforting earth tones that helps you relax while playing, the gameplay is really addicting
Some difficulties rely to heavily on the same level philosophy, you have to unlock higher levels of difficulty
It might seem kind of strange, but puzzle games that require you to find your way out of specific situations are insanely fun. Unblock King for Android gives you a bunch of blocks that are arranged as puzzles. There is one colored block that is ‘blocked’ in by the rest of them. You’ve got to figure out a way to move these blocks to create a path to the exit for the colored brick.
The presentation is really organic mostly because everything feels very cozy. The objects are bricks and everything is really earth toned, which gives is a fairly relaxing experience overall.
There are 4 different difficulty modes: easy, normal, hard, and pro. Easy is a great difficulty to start on or just play through casually because it seems like the perfect balance of speed and difficulty. Normal is slightly more difficult, but not by much. The others get way more complicated, but they have to be unlocked by playing with through some of the rest of the difficulties.
It’s really hard to find anything bad to point out about the game because everything about it is so simple. I did find a string of puzzles on normal where the puzzle designed seemed to follow the exact same design philosophy, which lead me to completing the puzzles way faster than I really should have. More puzzle variation would be greatly appreciated.
Overall, Unblock King is a really easy game to recommend, especially on mobile platforms. The game’s premise is simple enough to be understood by just about anyone, and the game helps aid the player by offering several levels of difficulty.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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