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The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2
The Tiny Tale 2

Review The Tiny Tale 2

Brandon Girod
Super fun micromanagement mechanics, very interesting and unique mobile gameplay, has the perfect gameplay pace
Forces you to play in a forced and upside down landscape mode
I enjoy being surprised when I play through a game I have no expectations about. It’s a refreshing feeling that I rarely experience with mobile games, though. The Tiny Tale 2 for Android is a quasi-RTS game that mainly focuses on micro-management. There is no element of base building in the traditional sense. Instead you’re forced to react to your environment.
The game is broken up into stages similar to what you’d expect out of a mobile game. You start off with a few humble workers and a tree house that basically acts as a central hub for your units to go to when they need to store resources. Each level has resources scattered about, and you want to start off by collecting the ones that are immediately reachable. Stages are broken up into tiers, and you won’t be able to access everything until you build up a certain amount of resources.
There are enemies in the game, but you don’t build units to combat these foes. Instead you’ve got this weird shaman guy that uses mana, another resource you have to collect, to charm the enemies away. He reminds me quite a bit like Cranky Kong.
Gameplay is slow and methodical. You’ve only got a limited amount of time to collect all of the resources before you fail the level, so you’ll constantly be clicking and assigning tasks to your workers far before they’re finished with their current ones.
Players who really enjoy games where you perform tons of actions through micromanagement will really enjoy The Tiny Tale 2. It’s got a lot of charm, and is easily accessible to anyone. The difficulty scales well, and it’s just a fun and refreshing game to see overall.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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